Viana Pharma Ind

Our History

Viana Pharma Ind. was founded in 2016 by a group of pharmaceutical industry experts to develop and manufacture high-quality medicines. Quality, innovation, and integrity are the core values that guide our business.  We are committed to serving our high-quality businesses and people internationally. All Viana staff are obliged by the organizational code of conduct to actively participate in developing innovative quality products.

In 2017, the company established a manufacturing plant in dedicated 6000+ m2 land in the Pharmaceutical Industrial City. This project consists of a production plant, a physicochemical and microbial laboratory, and Research and Development laboratory.

Quality, innovation, and integrity are our guiding principles. We are committed to supporting health care professionals and improving people’s health through serving high-quality and innovative medicine.

Mission and Vision

To establish a global company to provide pharmaceutical solutions to the patient and improve their life by developing new medicines and manufacturing in a state-of-the-art facility.

Mission Statement

Viana Pharma Ind. creates and produces pharmaceutical products, dermo-cosmetics, and supplements. Viana leverages the knowledge and experience of its stakeholders to support people all around the world regardless of gender, race, religion, and place of residence to enjoy a healthier, longer, and better life.

Viana Pharma Ind. establishes an advanced product pipeline under CGMP by collaborating with well-known global pharmaceutical companies. We utilize the advanced technology to innovate and develop pharmaceutical solutions for patients. Moreover, we develop a world-class corporate culture that rewards innovation, values quality, and integrity, and focuses on society’s health

Organizational Chart